Speaking at AIM 2012 (left to right) Judy Bellack, Dennis Cogbill, John Kobs and Dennis Smillie

I’ve been talking to quite a few reporters and editors in the apartment trade media over the past week about PRIMEDIA’s announcement that it plans to purchase Rent.com from eBay. “So what’s next?” they ask, or, even more pointedly: “What does all of this mean—if anything—to apartment operators and marketers?”

Perhaps the more critical question that needs to be asked is what does ILS consolidation, and really the total evolution of “first-look” online apartment marketing, mean to the customer? By “first-look” I mean exactly that: what is the first thing a prospect sees in the lifecycle that eventually ends with them moving their furniture into an apartment unit (and hopefully renewing at the end of their lease expiration)? What is the beginning of the customer experience?

At AIM 2012 – Customer First, you’ll hear from a panel of top experts who are on the front lines of first-look customer experience. Judy Bellack, Dennis Cogbill and John Kobs will speak on “What Prospects See When Visiting an ILS,” a blockbuster discussion, to be moderated by Dennis Smillie, that will survey best-in-class opportunities for enhancing multifamily’s presence in the first-look customer experience.

It’s the perfect opportunity to catch multifamily marketing experts and get exclusive insight into an industry flash point in the making. If the deal happens to close between now and AIM, attendees will again have a first-look into online multifamily marketing trends in the making. Either way I’d personally wager the panel will be another tour-de-force apartment marketing presentation—we’ve got 18 of them prepared for you at AIM, not to mention three days of world-class multifamily networking.

Don’t miss out: Register for AIM 2012 – Customer First.

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