Donald Davidoff, Dan Hobin, Carly White, and Cindy Price detail the evolving terms of service at Google, Craigslist, and Facebook.

Donald Davidoff, Dan Hobin, Carly White, and Cindy Price detail the evolving terms of service at Google, Craigslist, and Facebook.

If keeping your apartment marketing up to speed with changes at Craigslist, Google +, and Facebook feels like a full-time job, that’s because it is. “There are plenty of things that can put you into the penalty box with these service providers, and your posting behavior needs to be extremely consistent with terms of use,” explained BakeExtraCookies founder Carly White during the Chasing the Algorithm panel presentation at AIM 2013. “Seriously, it can be as simple as not logging on correctly.”

White joined G5 CEO Dan Hobin and MoAMORE Marketing principle Cindy Park on a panel moderated by D2 Demand Solutions president Donald Davidoff for a deep dive into staying abreast of changing terms of service and maximizing functionality available from the popular listing and social media platforms. Key to staying ahead of developments is to understand the corporate cultures that motivate change.

“You really have to understand the Facebook business model to understand their impact to our industry,” explained Price. “Facebook is moving more into the search space just as Google is moving more into the social space, and their are significant changes to advertisements and the scoring of news and use feeds based on affinity: basically how active are your friends about your posts and your feedback?”

Hobin, for one, suggested that multifamily firms appoint someone in the corporate office to response integration with sites in order to stay ahead of changes on social and listing platforms and what influence those changes might (or might not) have to apartment marketers. “From an SEO and from other standpoints, you want a consistent content and strategy but not necessarily a duplicative one,” Hobin said. “In a very short period of time, Google + has become the second largest social platform. But how much power do they have? And what is the conversation happening there? These are the bigger changes that influence marketing strategy.”

Everyone agreed that most upcoming platform changes will be driven by one goal: increasing and enabling online commerce, with more and more functionality targeting small and medium-sized businesses. “Functionality is a way for them to get you to like their platform.” Hobin said. “When you like the functionality, they can begin to sell you ads.”

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@BSitko #AIMconf New Craigslist layout means that Address info for the map, and uploading images are key, Craigslist, however. Is still ugly.

‏@Lindsay418 Your rating & review score on Google+ will effect your ranking…. Eck! #AIMConf

‏@TheRealMStiles Big Craigslist changes. Better check yourself before you wreck yourself. #aimconf

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