It’s Party Girl Betty at AIM 2013, need we say more?

It’s Party Girl Betty at AIM 2013, need we say more?

“Maybe the robot should take it from here,” Lori Torres, president of Package Concierge and moderator remarked as the WTF? Technology session panelists at AIM 2013 came together to discuss upcoming technologies that might have significant impact to the multifamily industry in the years to come. So here is a sneak peek into what’s might replace tablets and smartphones in your leasing offices:

  • Drones: David Record, president and CEO of Advanced Unmanned, updated us on a fleet of airplanes capable of creating imagery similar to satellites imagery from sites like Google Earth. But what it provides is far more that just outdated imagery. “The drones can do whatever a client wants – fly over owned properties or even competitor properties on a scheduled basis to keep the imagery up to date as possible,” he said.  “Owners can gain access to new imagery that is 3-4 times the resolution than satellite every 2-4 weeks.” Just imagine how your online marketing presence and strategy can change with high-quality imagery at your fingertips. Improvements to SEO, Google image rankings, you bet!
  • 3-D Imaging: Referred to as nimble manufacturing, 3-D printing allows you to create a custom product for one customer – locally. “Because it is in a micron level, you can create amazing models with incredible detail on-site,” explained Heesoo Lee, founder of WorkLab CC. But who is using this technology today? Jewelry designers are enabling customers to design a custom piece online and then have it printed. Chocolatiers can create custom shapes and letters, designs and logos.  See how this on-site custom printer can provide endless marketing collateral opportunities? Welcome a new resident to your community with a 3-D printed doorknocker or welcome mat.  Talk about making each resident feel important.
  • Androids: Rightfully admitting androids (Betty the party girl robot was in earshot) are not as smart as we think they are, Thomas Messerschmidt shared that in the near future robots could help in the leasing process. “Virtual tele-presence robots, currently being used in hospitals, could be beneficial in multifamily industry,” he explained. “Prospects could come in virtually through one of the robots and ‘tour’ the property with a leasing agent.” Sure it sounds an awful lot like Skype or even FaceTime to tour a property, but could this robot moving around a property and unit give a prospect a better sense of home?

So you tell me, will robots take over the world?

Download the WTF? Technology session presentations here.

Session Twitter Feed:

@SHaefner Betty is an entertainment robot for lack of a better term #AIMConf

@CGMTX #AIMConf generate your own organs??? WTF was a good title for this session!!! LOL

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