The Most Interesting Man in Multifamily Management had to take a video call….

The Most Interesting Man in Multifamily Management had to take a video call….

“Everyone is beautiful,” announced Tony Sousa, the Most Interesting Man in Multifamily Management to kick off the AIM 2013 Casting Call: Video Workshop on Human Models and Fair-Housing” session along side Doug Chasick, The Apartment Doctor; Anton Seim, writer, filmmaker, Deliberate Industries; Lisa Trapp, Director of Marketing, Sequoia Equities; and session moderator Behringer Havard’s Director of Marketing and Training Amanda Zinsmeyer.

Chasick wasted no time and tackled – Fair Housing. Simply stated, “fair housing ain’t fair. It has nothing to do with fair. It should be called equal housing; keyword being equal,” explained Chasick. “Everyone has the opportunity to rent a home and enjoy it.” To ensure no violations in your community advertising and marketing, Chasick compelled attendees to follow the “Reasonable Person Rule” and know your resident profile. As everyone has equal right to live at your community, you must make reasonable efforts to ensure you are marketing to any individual – include don’t exclude.

Remember you have to be inclusive to everyone – don’t ignore anyone or push a certain segment away, appeal to anyone who qualifies. Don’t experiment with fair housing advertising. If you don’t know or aren’t sure, check out, look at their videos, read their news and blogs. Just don’t guess with fair housing.

So how do you go about creating fair-housing compliant video that gets and keeps people’s attention? “The most successful videos must be entertaining, have a surprise or twist in the middle and offer a resolution,” said Seim.

Putting Trapp, Seim and Sousa on the video-creation hot seat, Zinsmeyer asked interesting questions on how to get it done and get it done as successfully as Sequoia Equities.

  • Sourcing Talent? Well Sousa believes you should look internally first before outsourcing. “One of your employees may be great in front of a camera, you never know. If you decide to outsource check resources like CraigsList, or the Screen Actors Guild. But for extras, always use employees.”
  • Finding production companies & videographers? YouTube. According to Seim find YouTube videos that are inspiring to you and contact that individual directly. Oh and ask for referrals – it is all relationship building. Trapp advises find production partners who 1. Fit with your company culture, 2. Have the capacity to deliver multiple execution methods and 3. Is communicative, gets you and your vision.
  • Video length – how long is too long? 2 minutes when creating a consumer video. “For internal purposes it depends on how you are disseminating them. For email, no longer than 2 minutes, in-person can be from 5-7 minutes. Large productions to communicate a company vision or initiatives you can go up to 10 minute as long it is on message, interesting and an element of surprise,” Trapp said.

Be sure to check out Sequoia’s killer videos shown in the session including the series featuring the Most Interesting Property Manager and Don’t Get Chester’d series.

Download the Casting Call: Video Workshop on Human Models and Fair Housing presentations here.

Session Twitter Feed:

@GraceHill @AZinsmeyer a fantastic moderator. Give that gal a talk show! #AIMConf

@JoniAtSequoia: Is that a jack and coke? #AIMConf @tonyatsequoia

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