Lauren Curley delivers her Think Like a Technologist presentation at AIM 2014.

Lauren Curley delivers her Think Like a Technologist presentation at AIM 2014.

To be a better marketer, think like a technologist. It’s happened faster than anyone probably anticipated. Marketing and technology have become so intertwined that marketers must not only understand technology, but also transform its use into revenue generating activities.

That’s definitely been the experience for Lauren Curley, marketing director for Landmark Property services, who shared her advice with attendees of the “Think Like a Technologist” session at the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference (AIM).

“We’re the ones driving this change within our organizations because our customers are driving the change,” Curley says. “And we’re responsible for the customer experience.”

To be effective in driving that change marketers have to think like the technology gurus who consider the needs of the user before moving forward with development.

“We need to be the intersection between our communities and our brand and our customers,” Curley Says. “Technologists think about software as a service. In this changing dynamic, we need to think about marketing as a service.”

Thinking about marketing as a service means providing the technology tools that solve the problems apartment residents and customers have that technology can solve.

“Good software is all about trying to solve a problem,” Curley says. “They’re asking themselves, ‘What do my customers want? What do my customers need that they don’t realize they need?’”

It’s the antithesis of QR codes, which have all but disappeared because customers didn’t want to use them. They were something marketers wanted so they could better measure the value of their marketing campaigns.

But determining what marketing technologies actually add value is easier said than done. The key is to collaborate and work with on-site teams to determine what customers are asking for, Curley says.

“The future of marketing is all about partnerships both inside and outside of your organization,” she added. “One of the most successful things you can do as an organization is get your regional team on site.”

Download the Think Like a Technologist presentation here.

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