Creative Short Takes: Inspired Solutions for Apartment Marketers

Imaginative, cutting-edge concepts can yield significant results in apartment marketing, and the concepts don’t have to be expensive, just appealing.

Five multifamily marketing executives shared an original idea they effectively put to use at the 2015 Apartment Internet Marketing Conference during the Creative Short Takes session.

Amy Maley, Denise Bailey, and Heidi Pearce speaking on the AIM 2015 Creative Short Takes panel.

Many of the ideas center around visual concepts, operating under the notion that 74 percent of all online traffic will be visually-based by 2017. “Using visual content gets you 84 percent more traffic,” noted Beth Tuttle, national marketing director of Lennar Multifamily Communities. “And take into account peak hours when publishing.”

Mission Rock Residential pushes the visual theme to the maximum with interactive maps and charts on its websites, designed to help residents scour the area while offering crisp directions and nearby attractions to prospective residents. The central theme is to offer more SEO presence for the locality.

For instance, the site for a Mission Rock community in Castle Rock, Colo. offers real-time traffic and rerouting updates that stem from a nearby highway reconfiguration.

“Our residents, especially our millennials, want to know exactly what the local flavor is,” says Denise Bailey, Mission Rock Residential vice president of marketing and training. “Where are the local pubs? Where is the local farmers market? What schools are in the area?”

AMPS is overtaking a community in San Francisco, where properties must either pay a fee to the art district or incorporate art into the property. AMPS is choosing the latter and is actively trying to gain approval to incorporate a soundscape into the community. “We’re trying to position the community as a place of serenity in the heart of the city,” AMPS chief strategist Amy Maley says. “As you walk the sidewalk there, there will be a timed series of sounds that evolve throughout the day and throughout the year.”

MEB delved into a comedic theme to educate its own team members in an effort to beef up ratings and reviews. Because “share” has been a buzzword in social media, MEB utilized an icon of the singer Cher and used a concert ticket to invite employees to a team-education campaign. “We were feeling really good about ratings and reviews on the corporate level, but what about on the site level?” says Heidi Pearce, MEB director of strategic marketing. “We really wanted to focus on that.”

In a similar effort, Associated Estates launched a Showcase of Apartment Homes campaign and created contests between team members in eight regions. The regions, operating under the hashtag #SOAH, fiercely competed and were judged in a playoff off The Voice.

“When we gave our teams set goals, they hustled,” Associated Estates Director of Marketing Lori Webb says.

“We were feeling really good about ratings and reviews on the corporate level, but what about on the site level? We really wanted to focus on that.”

Heidi Pearce

Director of Strategic Marketing, MEB


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