Every day, multifamily marketers and community professionals are transforming the experiences of prospective renters and current residents.

Tampa, Fla.-based Landmark Apartment Trust is using geo-targeting to dramatically change the experiences of apartment shoppers. Geo-targeting pinpoints the location of a website visitor and then delivers ads to that person based on his or her location. “With the advancement of technology, we’re able to track the behavior of our customers and use a very intentional and deliberate approach,” said Ryan Perez, vice president, marketing, for Landmark and veteran AIM attendee. “We can narrow our focus to pinpoint the target demographic and serve mobile ads to their mobile or tablet device.” As a result, the prospective resident continues to get relevant community information and offers when they are physically nearby, keeping the community top of mind.

ROSS Management Services in Bethesda, MD has launched content-heavy regional blogs which “feature localized content with a tie-in to the communities,” said previous attendee Elaine De Lude, chief marketing officer for ROSS. “The regional blogs are cost-effective for our communities with slim-to-no marketing budgets.”

Tactics such as those outlined above also result in a vastly more efficient apartment searching experience for prospective renters. Instead of driving around for hours to visit communities and figure out which ones they’re even interested in, potential residents can make that determination by viewing information delivered directly to their computers or mobile devices, or that they find quickly through online searches.

“The name of the game is giving people up-to-date information as efficiently as possible,” De Lude said. “It’s imperative that leasing and marketing staffs make the apartment searching experience an easy one.”

As for improving the experiences of current residents, ROSS has lobby bars with Wi-Fi as well as a social media platform just for residents. “We also try to address the needs of our over-scheduled residents by providing everyday conveniences such as dry-cleaning service, package delivery, onsite retail and other time-saving services that reinforce a positive user experience at the community,” De Lude said.

What resident experience improvements will you be implementing in 2016 and 2017? AIM 2016: The “X” Experience, May 2-4 in Huntington Beach, Calif., will be the most engaging, interactive and motivating conference to date, diving deep into best-in-class resident experiences that inspire loyalty, renewals and rent growth.

Have you got a killer marketing strategy or execution that fits into any of these categories? If so, we want to hear from you in the next 30 days! The conference launched its official call for presentations (CFP) today, and if you would like to participate in one of these proposed sessions, please complete the online form no later than 9 p.m. PST on Wednesday, December 16.

There are at least two ways for attendees to actively participate in the content that will be shared at the conference:

1) Dig into the preliminary list of sessions and recommend speakers and moderators who will bring unrivaled innovation and creativity to the conference.

2) If you think there is new, game-changing content that must be presented at AIM 2016, consider proposing your own session and panel of speakers by completing the online form.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact Marlena DeFalco at Marlena@linnelltaylor.com.

And if speaking isn’t your gig, go ahead and register today to save $200 for each member of your team that is attending.

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