To appreciate the level of service demanded by today’s apartment renters, consider this truly mind-blowing stat: nearly 40 percent of millennials surveyed last year by Mintel, a global market research company, said they don’t eat breakfast cereal because cleaning their bowls afterwards is just too much of a hassle. That’s right: as detailed in recent reports by the New York Times and the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, having to rinse away those meager remnants of locally sourced milk and Fruity Pebbles is a deal breaker for these surveyees. It makes some sense, after all: have you seen the callouses that can result?

In all seriousness, we bring up this stat not to poke fun at millennials – OK, maybe just a little bit – but to raise an important discussion point. Millennials are a fundamental component of today’s renter market, and they have extremely high standards for convenience. Are your apartment communities providing the level of service that is going to attract this demographic and then compel them to renew their leases? Simply put, are you creating the kind of user experiences that will satisfy millennials?

With its focus on cutting-edge, super-convenient resident user experiences, AIM 2016 will provide a sophisticated, thoroughly unique opportunity for attendees to learn how to best configure their amenities and marketing strategies to reach the crucial millennial demographic, now and for years to come. Two sessions in particular are certain to be of interest to those looking to maximize the service level at their communities: “Training and Transparency for Delivering Exceptional Service” and “Push Button Fabulous: Third-Party Lifestyle Services.”

“Training and Transparency” will take place at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, May 2. Panelists will share strategies and tactics to train for and create transparency around the delivery of great service – whether that’s self-service or concierge-style service. “Push Button Fabulous” will be held at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3. In this session, presenters will discuss the various different ways to enhance a living experience using the services and capabilities of third parties, such as emerging start-ups that can dramatically increase the efficiency of a resident’s move-in and apps that makes possible the near-instant delivery of meals, clothing and consumer goods.

Register today for AIM 2016, which will take place May 2-4 in Huntington Beach, Calif. And be sure to make your hotel reservation and check out the conference schedule before long.

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