The 2016 AIM Video Awards

Lights, Camera, Upload!

AIM 2016: The “X” Experience is all about the user experience. You are creating, directing and starring in apartment marketing videos that truly impact the user experience from the initial point of prospect contact, through the leasing process and into the lifestyle of living in an apartment home? If yes, then you’re in luck – submissions are now being accepted for the AIM 2016 Video Awards!

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, February 17, 2016, so get your video uploaded today! There is a $20 entry fee for each video. All proceeds will be donated to the Housing Industry Fund. Finalists and grand winners for each category will be announced at the AIM Video Awards emceed for the third year by CORT’s Director of Multifamily Products and Services Pete Regules aka the “Doctor of Fun” at AIM 2016 May 2-4, 2015 in Huntington Beach, California.

We invite property managers and multifamily owners and operators to submit videos for consideration in the following award categories (vendors are restricted to the best vendor video category only, please):

  • Best Community Marketing Video – submit videos used for community marketing and leasing
  • Best Brand Marketing Video – submit videos promoting an overall company or portfolio brand
  • Best Training Video – submit any training and/or corporate culture videos
  • Best Amateur Video – submit any low budget, creative use of limited technology videos, etc.
  • Best Short Form or New Format Video – submit Vine or Instagram or other short, viral, social videos here.
  • Best Vendor Video – vendors, it’s all you
  • Funniest VideoALL AIM Video Award submissions (including vendor videos) will be considered for a “best-in-show” grand award for funniest video. The criteria is pretty simple: make us laugh. A lot.

Videos submissions in all categories will be accepted though Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 11:59pm PST. However, in order for your submission to be considered, please remember to complete all submission steps: 1) CONTRIBUTE, 2) COMPLETE YOUR EMAIL ENTRY.

AIM 2016 Video Awards Submission Guidelines:


Please contribute $20.00* per submission by visiting the AIM 2016 Video Awards PayPal. Include your name, company name, title of your video, and the category you are submitting for in the notes portion of your payment. Please contribute twice (or three times, etc.) for videos being submitted to more than one category. There is a $20 entry fee for each video per category. All proceeds will be donated to The Housing Industry Foundation. *small fee may apply.


Please email the following information to the AIM 2016 Video Awards submission desk. Please note ALL information must be provided to be considered:

1)      Your name, title, company, and contact email and phone number.

2)     The title of your video.

3)     The category(s) you are submitting in. Videos being submitted in multiple categories need to complete a submission contribution for each category. Categories include:

  1. Best Community Marketing Video
  2. Best Brand Marketing Video
  3. Best Training Video
  4. Best Amateur Video
  5. Best Short Form or New Format Video
  6. Best Vendor Video

4)     Please provide the original URL where your video can be viewed online.

5)     In 140 characters or less, please describe the audience, intent, and overall awesomeness of your video (video descriptions may be tweeted by AIM).

6)    Include up to a 250-word statement explaining any special features of your video, including creative production techniques, views and impressions, or success metrics to your overall marketing campaign  (i.e. number of hits/views/comments, impact to sales, ROI, etc). You may also briefly describe the creative process your team used in conceptualizing the video. Share any interesting insights into how your video was produced, including equipment used, locations, technical details, and team members who contributed to the project.

A confirmation email will be sent for each video submission received within 24 hours of receipt. Please note that AIM reserves the right to use submitted video content in marketing and promotion materials for the AIM Conference and that videos can be shown in whole or in part at AIM. For additional info or questions, please feel free to email us.

Thank you for submission and good luck!

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