Steve Jobs – The Consummate Marketer

In 1676, Isaac Newton wrote in a letter to Robert Hooke that, “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Exactly 300 years later, Steve Jobs, a giant of American business, launched Apple Computer Co. with co-founder Steve...

The Importance of Internet Marketing

Still not convinced Internet marketing is critical for all multifamily properties? Maybe yesterday’s news might change your mind.  RealPage, the industry giant that has been scooping up companies over the last few years, rounded out its portfolio of services by...

AIM 2011 Presentations

AIM 2011 Presentations and Photos  Friends – Thank you all again for coming to AIM 2011. 1. Please note that most of the conference presentations from AIM 2011 (and prior years) are available online at  (Kevin Thompson’s...
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