Just for Laughs – The Producers

Whether we’re blogging, shooting videos, engaged in social media or reputation management, or redesigning brands and brand imagery, we’re telling stories about our communities, our residents, and our teams that work to create the places that millions of Americans call home. We are our own media producers.  AIM enlisted the help of illustrator Xander Davis for an original AIM 2015 comic strip centered around a cast of multifamily marketers known as (what else?) The Producers. During our 12-week episode run, we’ll touch on marketing analytics, ratings and reviews, SEO, social media and have a lot of fun with ourselves and the larger multifamily marketing community on the way.

Visit this page every Sunday for new episodes, or to download any episodes you’ve missed, and stay tuned for an interview with illustrator Xander Davis on the power of illustration and story telling in great marketing, and even some collectible Producer character cards featuring AIM discounts and access to VIP events at the conference. We hope you have as much fun with The Producers as we’ve had creating them. Click to enlarge and enjoy!

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